The Castle offers an all-encompassing property acquirement service. The personalised service offers multiple consultations for you to understand our services, including investment advice, real estate solutions, market trends, and new technologies which can be incorporated into your new homes, for you to make informed decisions.

Initial Consultations and Walkthroughs:

To get a feel of our extensive range of services, consultations and discussions would be made until you get a clear picture, in order to frame a plan of action.

Proposed Contract Acceptance:

Once the initial stages of consultation are completed, a concrete agreement will be signed between you and The Castle, after which our team would work to design and execute the proposed implementations in the contract.



The Castle provides you with a number of financial services.

Liaisoning with top banks

The Castle guides you towards Indian banks to provide financial services. From liaisoning with banks for a suitable low cost home loan, assisting in documentation for new loans or switching, to property tax solutions and assistance in filings.

Documentation and registration process

Documentation and registration are felt as an overwhelming process. The Castle simplifies this procedure by giving you some assistance.

Legal Services

We provide a number of Legal Services to make your problems easier.

  • Vetting of the documents and giving legal opinion on property for the sale/purchase of the property
  • Drafting of Agreements / Sale Deed and other related documents pertaining to the sale of the immovable property and registration of the said agreement/deed against final payment and other settlements.
  • Drafting of Partnership deeds and registration of the firms
  • Drafting of Trust Deed / Society’s Memorandum of Understanding and Articles of Association and the registration of the Trust / Society

Legal Advice:

Legal advice on the Sale / Purchase of immovable property.

Liasoning with all Government Agencies to carry out the following works:-

Legal advice on the Sale / Purchase of immovable property.

  • Payment of Property Tax (BBM P/Panchayat)
  • Khata Registration/Transfer
  • Conversion of the Property from agricultural to non-agricultural residential/industrial use
  • Change of Land Use
  • Obtaining permission to purchase the agricultural land in the name of the Trust/Society
  • Obtaining documents from the government departments


Identifying the right property for you can be a hassle. We try to simplify this process for you.

Identification of property

Associated with 100+ property builders, in and around Bangalore, The Castle provides you with the analysis and information to make an informed choice. The identification of your property would be guided by:

  • Evaluating your needs
  • Reviewing the realty options as per your preferred requirements
  • Identifying properties and creating short lists.
  • Influencing builders to get a better deal for you.


A wide range of solutions and monitoring services are provided for your property. Communication with the builders alongside frequent visits to monitor the property, customized alterations to the property as per your interests and care from different perspectives such as architecture, plumbing, electrical and housekeeping are undertaken.

Liaisoning with Builders:

The Castle communicates with the builder on your behalf as and when needed.

Civil Alteration:

Customized alterations to the property as per your interest, identifying issues and repair works, initial design consultancy from our in-house designers, and additional services such as electrical fittings, air conditioning, and other add-ons will be thought of.

Property Inspection:

Periodic visits to the site for monitoring its health, care from different perspectives such as architecture, plumbing, electrical, and access to experts for basic consultations and needs would be maintained. Timely updates about the progress of the site would be delivered to you through our site’s login portal.



The Castle provides you with ‘FabModula’, our in-house Interior Designing Company. Listed under the top 10 Interior Designing Companies in Bangalore, FabModula designs state-of-the-art spaces as per your specifications.

Designing spaces

We provide home alterations such as revaluating interior filaments and aesthetics, intelligent security solutions and finally handing over the Plug & Play home of your dreams.

With Fabmodula, The Castle intends on turning your dream home into a reality. Our team consists of designers, who focus on quality and precision. Design elements are chosen from various local and international manufactures including Hafele, Hettich and Aristo, to ensure quality, longevity and hassle free usage.

FabModula follows a step-by-step process in designing your dream-like space.

  • Design consultations to understand your requirements
  • Implementation of personal preferences
  • Creating individualized designs
  • Story board and theme based discussions
  • 3d rendered templates to help you visualize the designs
  • Thorough supervision of implementation


The Castle brings specialty services to the table

Home Automation and Security Systems

Smart solutions which bring every aspect of your homes together can be incorporated. With a mix of technology, software and convenience, automation systems connect various aspects of your property.

These are done keeping in mind a few factors, like convenience, efficient energy management, and security.

These setups can then be controlled according to your needs, making your home more systematic, while also providing a coolness factor to your lifestyle.

Home Theatre and Acoustic Systems

Your home theatre experience can be much more than the ordinary.

Acoustic measurement techniques like localisation of sound, measurement of distances of speaker placements, sound range, sound frequency and various other factors, designing interiors around the parameter of sound etc. are all taken care of.

Home theatre systems can also help you to wind down after a busy day and provide relaxation and comfort.

Home theatre systems can also help you to wind down after a busy day and provide relaxation and comfort.

Personalised Lifts

Energy-efficient, secure and high quality personalised lifts for your homes, which are built for your convenience can be brought to you by us. These can be used for transportation of heavy goods, and also for easy movement across spaces, especially for older, or physically handicapped individuals.

Hydroponics and Organic Farming

Hydroponics is a soil-less way of cultivation. Through a blend of IoT, hardware and software technologies, we provide an automated, self-managed system that makes it possible for you to grow veggies at your home with minimal effort and without knowledge of cultivation.

Water Treatment Systems

In the present times, the problems of hard water is ever increasing. Formation of scales and corrosion of expensive home fittings and plumbing systems, less lather formation for soaps and detergents in cleaning purposes, and skin irritation are common issues.

There exists a variety of treatment solutions in the market, but these are fairly expensive. The Castle brings to you unique filtration systems which are cost-effective, but are also efficient and low maintenance at the same time.


We provide assistance with rental management, periodic maintenance and housekeeping. The end-to-end services are directed towards a good care of your property.

Shortlisting and screening of tenants, handling the various rent agreements, Collection of the agreed rent amounts within the specified timeframes, keeping in mind the tensions of both the owners and the tenants, to make the process of tenant-tenant hand overs smooth and efficient, would be done.